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Posted on June 22, 2012 at 8:05 PM

Hi to everyone who kares4kerri!  Kerri has made it through Day 4 of the planned 5 days of high dose boosters.  The newly implanted port is working well and she is glad to be rid of any arm IV’s and having to be stuck looking for veins.  The first 2 days went so well that on Days 3 and 4 Dr. Cantu has been able to increase her dosage for even better results.  The last 2 days have been a little bit rougher for her to handle but this is totally expected.  She is now walking very short distances on a regular basis and her pain levels and sensitivity to touch are definitely coming down!

Last night Kerri was able to travel in her wheelchair with her IV pole that Dr. Cantu says looks like a Christmas tree because it is so full, to visit a very brave, intelligent and sweet young lady named Estefy.  The two girls already knew of each other through the amazing Jessica.  A nurse stopped down earlier in the week to say there was a new amiga (friend) down the hall for Kerri to meet.  Kerri and I had so much fun getting to know to Estefy and her Mom.  We hope to get more chances to visit with them this week. Estefy and her family have even started an RSD Foundation here in Mexico to raise awareness about RSD and funding for research.  Her family lives right here in Monterrey.

Last night Kerri felt well enough to ask me to read her all of your wonderful messages to her on the karing4kerri blog.  She enjoyed them so very much – thank you all!  Mark has been keeping quite busy traveling back and forth to the Safi hotel each day.  Thanks to the help of our friend Sarah, his travels have been safe, and as Dr. Cantu says “on dot!” With some careful planning and additional help from Sarah, Mark was even able to get our laundry done today.  I found him a Father’s Day card this year that says he’s a Superhero husband.  That title really fits all the time, but “Wow” does it apply this year!

Jeff (Kerri’s “novio”) met my Dad in Princeton yesterday to pick up Erin and take her to her Bon Voyage picnic in Pennsylvania to get ready for the People to People ambassador trip she will get to take in July.  Jeff, although he is such a wonderful part of our family already, really helped Erin to feel special by being her family for the event.  I very quickly got some great pictures from Erin of our flowers in the front yard and some cute pics of Hershey and Boomer.  I think Erin is enjoying taking care of the home front for a few days but will also be happy to travel back to spend some more time with Nana, Poppop and Uncle Chris.  She has had some great times this week with them and also got to be a part of the fun Father’s Day miniature golf tradition with Uncle Tom and his girls.  Kerri got the chance to talk to Uncle Chris on the phone last night and as always, he managed to cheer her up immensely and make her laugh like only Uncle Chris can do!

So from the beautiful, healing city of Monterrey we say Buenos Noches!

Kathy, Mark and Kerri


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Reply Aunt Lilly
9:36 PM on July 18, 2012 
I have finally been able to get out to your site - better late than never. I am so relieved that you are back safe and sound. I think all of us sit on pins & needles while you are in Mexico.

Kerri, you are so loved by all of us. We pray that some day this miserable thing wil begin to just fade away or leave you for good. Miracles can happen.
Reply Megan
1:53 PM on June 25, 2012 
Hello Everyone,

Such amazing news yet again. It is so good to hear how well Kerri is doing, though I know how challenging it has been at the same time. Great to hear that you guys made a new friend. Every wonderful family that you meet, just shows the rest of us how many beautiful people are fighting RSD.

We miss you guys. Come home to us soon.

Keri - I couldn't love you more kid. I will say it again. You are my hero.

Mark and Jeff are some gems of men. Thank you both for the love and support you give some of the most special women in my life. We are all very lucky to have been born (or married) into this loving supportive extended family. We are truly blessed.

Reply Bonnie R.
11:06 PM on June 24, 2012 
Hi Kathy, Mark, and Kerri,

Thanks for your very nice message to Jackie yesterday. She had a beautiful graduation party and everything went well. Of course, we missed you, but we know that right now this was the place for Kerri to be. It's great to hear that she's improving and starting to feel better. And Jackie wants to thank you for for your very nice graduation gift. Kerri knows how much Jackie loves Best Buy and it was the perfect gift! And, it was great to see Jeff.

Looking forward to seeing you sometime this summer. Take care.

Bonnie, Allan, and Jackie
Reply Jeanette
7:19 PM on June 24, 2012 
What fabulous changes have happened this week! We are thrilled to hear the high dose infusions are working. Dr. Cantu is blessed with a healing gift- he always had a plan and a second plan. He knows Kerri so well. Looking forward to seeing you soon and prayers for safe travel when you are ready to come home.
Reply Daniela (+ rest of Shuster gang)
2:01 PM on June 23, 2012 
"Novio"? "Buenas noches"? Wow, you guys are so fluent that I might as well just right this message in Spanish myself:
Querida Kerri y familia
Ojala que todo este bien. ¡Tienes mucha suerte que tu medico es buenissimo! Espero que Kerri continue mejorando porque ella es una gran tipa. Yo soy un perro. No tengo gato. Mi casa es su casa....
-Daniela y familia
P.S. Lo siento that I wasn't able to respond to this blog last night when it was posted, but it's just that I couldn't spare a moment of my quality "bonding time" (aka "time wasted in putting up with sass") with Keith, whose sass these days is really getting out of control and which attempting to control is a full time job. So you can blame him for that.
Reply Rosemary & John
11:30 PM on June 22, 2012 
Hola Jarvis Family!

Once again, a wonderful, uplifting update! Thank you Kathy.

Kerri, it is just great that you are able to receive the high dose boosters. You may as well get as much of that healing medicine by the great medicine doctor while you are in Monterrey. Time moves so quickly when things are going well; tomorrow is a week since you have been gone. It must be such a relief to know the surgery is behind you and has enabled you to receive your medicines without those painful sticks!

I hope that you, Kathy will be able to have a day or two at the Safi hotel being waited upon and having your meals delivered to you in bed! You need to be spoiled a bit. Before you know it, you will be back in hot and humid PA. UGH! It has been hotter here the past 3 days than it is in Mexico! Enjoy the view and just know we are thinking of all of you!

xoxoxo's to you!

Rosemary & John