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One step closer to home!

Posted on June 27, 2012 at 1:15 AM

Kerri was discharged from the hospital after a few more hurdles and is getting much closer to being able to come home.  On Sunday night she experienced some pretty severe muscle spasms in her neck, but Dr. Cantu used IV Benadryl to ward them off, and luckily they have not returned.  She was visited twice on her last days at the hospital by a wonderful neurologist named Dr. Romolo.  He had treated Kerri after her coma and when he “heard Kerri Jarvis was back!” came in just to visit and she how she was doing.  He was interested in hearing all about Kerri’s life since her coma and told us he is learning how to fly a Cessna plane.  We asked if he could fly us back to Pennsylvania, but he said he needs a bit more practice.  We left Hospital San Jose on Monday, feeling very grateful to all of the people there and truly admiring the way they treat their patients.  On her last night at the hospital, Kerri was fortunate to be cared for by Angeles, one of our favorite nurses who has remained friends with Kerri for the past few years on Facebook.  Whenever she was working, we felt even more reassured and thankful.

This morning Kerri was able to go downstairs with Mark and I for a yummy buffet breakfast offered here at the Safi hotel.  It was so nice for the 3 of us to enjoy a meal together.  She is still not up to eating very much and is uncomfortable following all of the high dose boosters, but the pain at her port surgery sight is definitely improving.  Each day is a bit better.  She is sure looking forward to coming home on Thursday!


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