Karing 4 Kerri


Home and getting better

Posted on July 15, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Hi everyone!  We are so happy to report Kerri is home and gradually recovering from her port surgery and high dose boosters in Monterrey, Mexico.  We are preparing to take her Monday and Tuesday to Philadelphia for low dose infusions using her new port.  We will let you know later this week how everything goes, but for now we would like to share this with you!

Top 10 reasons why we are thankful we were able to take Kerri to Monterrey:

10. Kerri is able to move her left leg again and can walk short distances without any help (she used a cane since last August and was in a wheelchair full time since April)

9. Where else would a doctor have the patience and compassion to spend 20 minutes by your side drawing blood one drop at a time rather than rush and stick you several times?

8. Kerri was already able to stop taking 2 major pain medications

7. Where else could you think you were ordering strawberry water ice (nieve de hielo fresa) and get fish (pescado)?  Well maybe this reason isn't the best!

6. Dr. Cantu took the time and trouble to have one of his staff escort Mark to the pharmacy down the street from the hospital to fill Kerri's prescriptions.

5. The port will allow Kerri to resume the low dose treatments she needs in Philly once again.

4. Kerri is starting to be able to eat again without experiencing horrible pain.

3. Dr. Cantu offered to drive Mark to the laundromat when we ran out of clean clothes!

2. Our dog Boomer learned how to sleep past 5 AM while we were gone.  Yes!!!



Mark, Kathy, Kerri and Erin

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