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Posted on March 26, 2010 at 12:44 AM

Thanks everyone, for helping to keep our spirits up with all your prayers and encouragement.  Kerri has been trying to be able to move ahead with her recovery but still experiences side effects from the coma that make it difficult to start getting out of bed and feeling better.  This evening Dr. Cantu gave her a 2 hour booster of ketamine to, hopefully, give her some relief to be able to start getting out of the room in her wheelchair sometime soon.  He and Dr. Frederico Ramos are reassuring her that things will get better and to just take her time as far as moving forward.  Dr. Cantu sat by her bedside for 2 1/2 hours tonight administering the booster.  We were able to share Kerri's photo book with him so now he knows all of you!  I sure would like to bring Dr. Cantu, Dr. Luis, and Dr. Ramos home with us, as well as a number of the nurses to take care of everyone we love at home!

We have learned that our time here happens to be during Monterrey's best weather of the year.  The days are just warm enough to really enjoy being outside - we can't wait for Kerri to be able to take in some of the sunny outside parts of the hospital.  We're lucky to be able to run right next door to OXXO, which is a convenience store.  When we first arrived I thought it was the hugs and kisses store, but soon I learned better!

We've exhausted our 8 episodes of Gilmore Girls, and have now moved onto Kerri's Golden Girl DVD's.  She was able to take in a favorite flick today - Sleeping Beauty.  We've discovered that Jessica, a wonderful patient down the hall, also likes Gilmore Girls.  When Kerri is a bit better, I can't wait for them to meet and maybe take in an episode together!

Erin is now at Nana, Poppop and Uncky's house.  We know she'll get lot's of TLC from all of our family there.  We know she had a terrific time on her field trip to NYC this week - thanks to everyone watching over her with your phone calls, e-mails and by opening your homes to her.  We hear she's even becoming an expert at doing laundry - Erin do you still want that job when we come home?

Thanks for karing4kerri!

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Reply Lindsay Spengler
5:17 PM on March 26, 2010 
I will be praying that the booster really helps with the side effects Kerri is battling. I know it will be nice once she can get out of the room.

I have to say, Kerri, I am not a huge fan of Gilmore Girls but I AM a huge fan of Golden Girls! Top quality show my friend.

We often joke that when Dr. Cantu reset my nervous system he didn't stop there. Prior to the coma and becoming very ill, I hated dresses, never wore pink and was overall quite the tomboy. Granted, I still love sports and things of that sort, but now LOVE to get dressed up and pink is one of my favorite colors. The other day my Dad and I went out to lunch. Since it was a beautiful day we took our convertible. When we left the restaurant I had asked Dad to wait a second while I put my hair up in a ponytail so the wind wouldn't blow it around. He made the comment that there was a baseball cap in the back seat and without thinking about it I said, "No, it will mess up my hair."

Dad sat back with a somewhat puzzled look on his face and said, "Gosh, I never thought I would hear you say that." Then we laughed and blamed it on the coma. Maybe you will find that there are things you didn't like before that you do now or visa versa. :) Apparently though, your love for the Gilmore Girls is not going to be one of them. :)

I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Hang in there Kerri. These things get better with time. But I know some days it can't seem to come fast enough.

God Bless,

Reply Rosemary Di Giovanni
3:46 PM on March 26, 2010 
Hello Jarvis Family,

We hope that the Ketamine booster Kerri received will give her the boost she needs to be able to begin moving out of her room. That will do so much for her physically and psychologically. The view from the center hallway is lovely and I know John enjoyed sitting in the waiting area and looking outside. Just take it all one day at a time and continue to place your trust in God and Dr. Cantu. They will not forsake you. Time is a great healer and everyone heals in their own time. Kerri went through so much before the coma, it takes time to get the brain on the right track! Kathy, please see the e-mail I sent to you today.

Our best regards,

Rosemary & John
Reply Jennifer
2:55 PM on March 26, 2010 
Im glad to hear that the weather is sooo gorgous there now! We've had some beautiful days, but it ended today. and way to rip through that pile of Gilmore Girls, Kerri!!!!! Thats my girl! =) And i know kerri must have been soooooo happy watching Sleeping Beauty! And throw in the other G.Gs (golden girls) and im sure you have a very satisfied Kerri on ur hands! =) !! To think how difficult this was for her last week really shows how far she's been able to come! I'm so proud of her progress she's made and know our prayers are slowly being answered.
I hope Erin has alot of fun at Nana & Poppop & Uncky's house. I can only imagine how joyful she will be around the comfort of family.....which is unmatchable to any other kind of comfort! =)
I wish you all the best and I'm praying for you. We have a relic at the Newman Center of a saint for a few weeks and will be praying on that, hopefully getting some more intercessions!
Peace and Love,
Reply Fern
11:02 AM on March 26, 2010 
Kerri, hang in there. Try to celebrate every small step and not get stuck on the difficulty of the bigger ones. The coma was the "easy" part, your worrk has begun on the rehabilitation of your body. This is the "harder" part. Some of us take longer than others to recover, don't panic. God's timing is perfect. I hope that the booster gave you some relief as well as some needed rest.
Have you ever known a doctor who took the time to look through photo albums?! Dr Cantu has a heart of gold and we would all like to bottle some and take it home with us to share. I have great doctors here but he is truly the best! I never met Dr Ramos but have heard great things about him. You are definitely in good hands. Stay strong and be encouraged today. May the sun shine brightly in your room and bring you a sense of peace as you go about your day.
Sending you gentle hugs from one coma patient to another. :)
Reply Mom/Grandma
10:00 AM on March 26, 2010 
Good Morning Kerri, Kathy and Mark,
After talking to Erin yesterday, we understand more about what Kerri is
experiencing. We are praying that the Ketamine Booster will be just what
Kerri needs, to hasten her recovery. Thank goodness she has such dedicated Dr's and nurses to watch over her, along with her Mom and Dad.
We hope she can soon go outside and enjoy some of the sunshine and
warm weather. We're sure that Erin will enjoy her stay with Nana and Poppop
and Uncky, and will get all the love and care she needs. Our prayers will
continue, for all of you and for Jeff too. We love you so much.
Mom/Tom Grandma and Grandpa
Reply Megan
9:50 AM on March 26, 2010 
Kerri - We love you so much. Easter will not be the same without you guys. Hannah and I are sending you all of our love. I am so happy that you have such a wonderful medical staff looking after you. Kathy and Mark - we miss you guys too and send all of our thoughts and strength to you.

I talked to Erin on the phone the other day on her way back from NYC. She sounded so grown up. She told me, "hang on I am going through the Lincoln Tunnel...I will call you back if I loose you." That made me chuckle! I am glad she had such a nice time. I am also glad to hear that she is spending some time at Nanna's house! I am sure Nanna spent lots of time stocking the house with whatever Erin likes to eat or drink!

We can't wait for you guys to come home. I will let Nanna know that if Teresa can't drive Erin home after Easter, I can.

All my love!
Reply scott Jarvis
9:22 AM on March 26, 2010 
We are standing with you all in prayer each day! Sometimes God's timing can be so frustrating, but hang in there! We are celebrating the care Kerri is receiving from her doctors and nurses there. We are asking God to pour down His blessings upon each of them for the care and compassion they have shown! Let us know if there is anything else we can do. May you each feel peace and energy from the Spirit of God and may healing come quickly! We love you all!
-Scott & Dee-
Reply Aunt Mary
8:12 AM on March 26, 2010 
Cathy, Keeping up with Keris progress and keeping allin my prayers. Also keeping in touch with your Mom and dad.. So glad Spring has arrived. Nothing like warm weather and sun to speed the healing process. . Love to all Aunt Mary