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Happy Easter - Kerri is Home

Posted on April 5, 2010 at 12:05 AM

We are so thrilled to tell you that Kerri is home.  Dr. Cantu visited us at our hotel room Thursday night to check on Kerri and answer any final questions.  He is an amazing physician and an extraordinary human being – we are so fortunate to have had him lead Kerri through this journey.  We had a long day on Good Friday travelling home, but Kerri weathered it, happy to get home.  Her wheelchair was slightly damaged during the flight and there was a mix-up with our transportation from JFK airport in New York City to home, but our homecoming was so very, very wonderful!  Thank you so much to Michelle, Mary, Jen, Jeanette, Susanne, Jeff, Erin, Nana, Poppop and everyone else for making our homecoming so special.

As we pulled into our driveway at 9:00 (we had been travelling for 12 hours) we were treated to many wonderful surprises.  A beautiful garden had been planted across the front of our house with gorgeous flowers, Easter decorations, and a sign that read “Kerri’s home – celebrate!”.  Michelle (Momma Weinhardt to our girls) had made our front yard more beautiful than it has ever been, along with the help and company of her Mom, Mary.  Erin and her friend Susanne had transformed our back patio into a beautiful spring retreat, cleaning, planting flowers and arranging furniture. Susanne’s Mom, our friend Jeanette, had spring cleaned our house making it feel so very, very wonderful.

Kerri had no idea that Poppop had brought Erin home the day before and spent the night with her so she could be here to welcome us home and greet her sister who she had missed so very much.  Nana had also done some spring cleaning the week before, and thanks to Nana, Michelle and Jeanette, clean laundry awaited us. They had spoiled us with baked ziti, macaroni and cheese, and banana bread, along with groceries Jeff and Erin had stocked the pantry with. We were treated to delicious meals and a relaxing weekend to have time to reunite and take care of Kerri. 

Erin, Jeff and Jen had transformed our family room into a beautiful bedroom for Kerri since she won’t be able to go upstairs for awhile.  Kerri and Kathy cried with tears of joy and surprise when Jeff, Jen and Erin were all there to greet us!  Kerri really perked up to tell Jen, Jeff, Erin and Michelle “tales of her journey”.  On Saturday night, we were treated to a wonderful visit (and delicious brownies) thanks to Erin’s friend, Danielle, and her Mom, Lynn.

Kerri is having trouble sleeping, not being able to fall asleep until 4 or 5 AM, due to nightmares which are a common occurrence following the ketamine coma.  However, she is so very, very happy to be back at home and really looking forward to continuing her recovery.  Today she was overjoyed as Jeff and Erin read her the blog from her website, complete with every wonderful comment section.  Calls from friends and family since we’ve come home have been music to our ears!

Although we’ve thanked everyone along the way for all of your prayers, kind acts, and well wishes, we want to also take this opportunity to say thank you for all of the financial help everyone has bestowed upon us, to allow us to take Kerri to Mexico for this life saving ketamine coma procedure.  We will spend the rest of our lives in awe of your generosity.

Although we probably won’t be writing quite as often, we will continue to update the blog to let everyone know how Kerri’s recovery progresses.  This has been the most wonderful, blessed Easter our family could ever imagine!

Happy belated birthday to Kerri's Aunt Amy and happy birthday to Grandpa Tom!


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Reply Mary Farley
12:53 PM on April 6, 2010 
Hi Kerri,

Welcome home! After reading all of the blogs, I have to stay that you are, without a doubt, one of the most amazing young women I have had the privilege to meet. Your courage, strength and determination is astounding. It sounds as if you have an amazing support system around you. I wish you the best of luck in your recovery and I look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to return to school.

Reply Mom/Grandma
10:08 AM on April 6, 2010 
Good morning Kerri and family,
We can't begin to tell you how happy we are that you are home, with all your family. It was very nice that you had such a warm homecoming! We want to
see you soon, and will call to be sure it is ok, before we come down. We want
you to take your time, and just spend your time getting better. We are still praying
for a full recovery for you. You are so special to us. I know Erin is feeling better
now that you are home. She missed you terribly. Things will start to get back to
normal, and you can be happy and healthy again. We love you and will see you
soon. Give your Mommy and Daddy our love too.
Hugs and Kisses,
Grandma and Grandpa
Reply Lindsay Spengler
11:27 PM on April 5, 2010 
How exciting to come home to all those wonderful surprises. Family and friends are truly a gift from God. We would have never survived out journey without them.

I remember that was about my time schedule as well for a while Kerri. It's so tough to not be able to fall asleep until that hour when all you want to do is SLEEP! But, as I am sure you have heard, that will get better. I got to the point where I could sleep 12 hours a day. Now, I can finally operate on a more "normal" schedule of getting up around 9:30 and going to bed at 12. You'll get there but I know in the meantime it cannot come soon enough. Praying that comes sooner rather than later!

How awesome is it to have good ol' American TV back though? At least during those late nights you have more than NBC, amc, WB, AXN (all murder all the time I used to call it) and a few other random Mexican channels that had American programing. Yay for English TV! Somehow watching Spanish soap operas at 4 AM are NOT appealing.

Congrats Kerri! Keep up the good work!

Sending my prayers,

Reply Bonnie R.
6:57 PM on April 5, 2010 
Just read your blog, and so happy that your homecoming and Easter were a wonderful surpise, filled with loved ones, flowers, food, friends, and special moments to remember and treasure always. Kerri, you're a special person, and you're very lucky to have so many people who care and who love you. We're in that group! We hope that you feel better and stronger each day. Jackie was here with us for the weekend, and went back to school in the afternoon. She's very, very, happy that you're home, and hopes to see you soon. When you're feeling stronger, we'd love to see you, too.

Love, Bonnie, Allan, and Jackie
Reply Mary Ann Speenburgh
2:57 PM on April 5, 2010 
Hi to Keri, Erin, Cathy and Mark oops...and Mr. Fiancee! Ha!
I just had to write a very short comment to you all. Keri is the most courageous person that I have ever met. The rest of the family are amazing and the warmest group in the world. Nobody deserves this second life and the love of all who meet you more than you do, Keri. I am Nana's and Pop Pop's friend. I am one of hundreds of people who have been praying for you and the whole family throughout this entire challenge in your lives. I am sitting here crying with joy for you all. God Bless you as He has for a long time. Happy Easter! Love and Hugs, Mary Ann
Reply Fern
12:50 PM on April 5, 2010 
Sounds like a really blessed homecoming! I am so happy for you. Keep getting stronger and know that my prayers go with you ofor renewed vigour an health!
Reply Jennifer
11:13 AM on April 5, 2010 
Kerri and my second family,
I still cant put into words how happy I was to see you all again!!! It took the whole night until the next morning to realize it wasn't a dream of seeing all of you again!!! Kerri, you looked gorgeous and you have a new glow to you, so shine baby shine!!!! Erin- You've been so brave during all of this and I was so glad to see you and your sister hug and become reunited!!! I could tell when you two hugged, it was just a sense of completement you both felt! Momma and Papa J- Good luck trying to get Erin away from Kerri when Erin returns to school after spring break!!!! You both deserve the beautiful mini-Monterrey house you live in now, complete with the flowers! Hopefully you guys can relax after such an exhausting (emotionally and physically) month!!! I'm so glad you were home for Easter (and the good weather) b/c Easter and Spring are all about re-birth and a new life, so I'm positive thats what God has instore for you all! Thank you for all the blog postings and updates. I don't know what i would have done without them!
Reply Stevens Family
9:37 AM on April 5, 2010 
Hi Jarvis Family,
So glad you all made it home to such a beautiful and inspirational homecoming! Kerri, continue to take your "small steps" as Dr. Cantu reminds all of his coma patients. Remember it is in the small things that your strength lies! Hang in there. We miss you here in Mexico. Take care of your ketamine coma bear...until we meet again!
Love, Sarah & Jessica
Reply scott Jarvis
8:06 AM on April 5, 2010 
So great to talk to you guys last night. It is wonderful that you are back home! Our prayers will continue for Kerri to recover fully and to get her sleep habits back to a more normal routine (Is there a normal sleep routine for college students?) Anyway, we keep thanking God for making it possible for you to be back home already and offer whatever assistance we can offer from long distance. We love each of you and pray for more blessings to come your way! Have a blessed day!

-Scott & Dee-