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One year anniversary since coma

Posted on March 6, 2011 at 8:23 PM

As the 1 year anniversary for Kerri’s coma treatment approaches this week, we are thrilled to report she has had no major set backs.  The first year following the coma is a long road of recovery, and a time period of great risk for the return of symptoms with even a minor injury. Kerri was able to return to college, balancing the physical demands by taking a combination of regular classes and online classes. She has begun to drive again (short distances during the day). Crowded and noisy places are still difficult for her (escalating RSD symptoms) but not nearly as detrimental as they were before, when Kerri’s body would shut down via fainting.  Her wheelchair is only needed for long distances (such as a day at the zoo which is something she can do again!)  She continues to require 2-3 day intravenous ketamine booster treatments every 2-3 months in Philadelphia with Dr. Schwartzman.  As part of the research study, our family travelled back to Tampa to see Dr. Kirkpatrick for a follow up appointment in December.  He was pleased with her progress and will need to see her only 2 more times over the next year.

Kerri feels the coma has allowed her to become about 70% better. At this time last year she was totally wheelchair bound, unable to be left alone, and experienced pain throughout all parts of her body 24/7.  Nausea and migraines were frequent, as well as extreme fatigue.  Today, Kerri has more pronounced symptoms only in her mouth/jaw, knee and hand.  We have known for several years than her wisdom teeth need to be removed and are probably contributing to the persistent RSD pain in her mouth.  As surgery for an RSD patient has a good chance of causing a total body relapse of symptoms, we plan to bring Kerri back to Monterrey, Mexico sometime this year. There she will have oral surgery under the care of  Dr.Cantu, and be able to receive high dose ketamine boosters following, helping to prevent a relapse.  As with the coma procedure, these boosters are not yet available in the United States.  We trust that the wonderful medical staff in Monterrey, with their technology and compassion, will again help Kerri on her journey to recovery

I think the best way to let you all know how much of a miracle has occurred thanks to the generosity, love and prayers of so many is to simply say… Kerri is smiling again… Kerri has a sparkle in her eyes again… Kerri is back!!!


Visit with Thumper at Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom after our appointment at the RSD/CRPS Research Center and Treatment Institute in December

 Kerri and Erin catching up with Minnie - Our trip was right before Christmas and the park was beautiful!

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Reply Irene
9:13 PM on March 8, 2011 
Thank you for the wonderful update! We praise God for Kerri's progess and His grace and mercy in your lives!! May she continue on the road to complete healing!