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The city of Townsville... (Monterrey)

Posted on July 25, 2011 at 10:26 PM

Same place but so many different feelings!  We know Kerri still has a lot to endure this week, but so far this time she is having such a different experience here.  While last year she was really too sick to leave the hospital bed for more that a few minutes and wasn’t able to leave her hospital room until the night before she was discharged, this time around she is sitting on the couch in her hospital room looking out the window at the beautiful mountains.  She is talking, laughing and joking.  She is noticing the magic of Monterrey!


We have spoken with other Hospital San Jose RSD families about how God is always watching over us and helping to create situations that show us how blessed we are.  Today this happened once again right before she went into her first surgery to install a central line for the medication access she will need for the rest of the week.  They let me ride down in the patient elevator with her and I needed to explain to the OR nurse that the long pillow under her leg was brought from home (Kerri’s body pillow that has been a vital part of her “RSD coping system” for many years.)  I wasn’t doing a very good job with my Spanish so the nurse from the ambulatory unit OR called for a nurse from the other OR unit to come over and help translate.  Low and behold along comes a wonderful girl named Martha (pronounced Marta) who used to work on the 8th floor where we spent several weeks last year.  She remembered Kerri and all of us and quickly helped to put Kerri more at ease. She remembered meeting Jeff last year and asked when Kerri was getting married (before we mentioned anything about it).  Before we knew it, she was calling over to her supervisor to let him know she’d be taking care of Kerri and will also be there for her surgery tomorrow.


The procedure today went well with no complications.  Kerri had pain afterwards but this has subsided quite a bit.  Dr. Cantu decided to start the high dose treatments the day after tomorrow, so tonight Kerri is able to enjoy some hospital cuisine (the hospital food here is nothing like the hospital food at home – it’s all freshly prepared and actually tastes very good) and rest a bit.  She will have her surgery tomorrow around noon. We got to meet the oral surgeon today who works with Dr. Cantu and seems great.  He seems to understand the extenuating circumstances with RSD patients and dental procedures (very tricky!).  We like and trust him already.


OK everyone – ready for the exciting Monterrey trivia for today?  Mark and Erin went shopping at HEB last night, the Wal-Mart type store in the same parking lot as the hotel.  First we must let you know Kerri’s favorite drink when we were here for the month last time was “Mucho Mango” juice.  Well while they could not find that for her yet this time around, they struck gold.  They found Power Puff girls mango juice.  Yes we know all you former power puff girls fans are quite jealous now!


Have a wonderful night – miss you all.


Kathy, Mark, Kerri and Erin



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Reply yaniv s
9:02 PM on July 26, 2011 
thats great news :) miss ya kerri.
Reply Jeanette
8:22 PM on July 26, 2011 
We just listened to Erin's message and are awaiting your next update.
Reply Scott Jarvis
4:01 PM on July 26, 2011 
We are anxiously awaiting hearing how things are going! We prayed for you and the family in our staff meeting this morning and hope you can feel the presence of the LORD in a mighty way through all you are going through. Remember you are special and we love you very much! I sure hope it worls out that we get to see you and the family real soon! Have a blessed day and know that I am praying for you every day!!!
Reply Rosemary & John
9:57 AM on July 26, 2011 
Hello Jarvis Family!

Would it be weird to say that we wish we were there too? You know and we know that once you visit Monterrey and experience the hospitality of their people (not to mention the food) that you want to go back! Not for medical reasons, of course, but to experience the beauty of the mountains and the kindness of the people. Reading your Blog makes us feel like we are there with you. We are happy all went well with the Central line placement (but not surprised) and know that in just a few more hours you will have the surgery behind you and can concentrate on recovery. Maybe Kerri will feel well enough to enjoy some Mexican food before the flight home? Let's hope so! Thanks for keeping everyone updated. "Marta" is a sweetheart and it is such a comfort to have her nearby for translation. Please, send her our regards too. You're in our prayers. Keep the faith; all will be just fine.

Hugs and kisses to all of you!

Rosemary & John