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Day 3 of Boosters Brings Some Good News

Posted on July 29, 2011 at 9:39 PM

Hi all!  Kerri has made it through her 3rd booster without any major problems.  These treatments are a bit rough to go through physically and emotionally.  Dr. Cantu is very pleased that there have been no RSD flare ups in other parts of her body and she’s done so well that he said we may be able to stop the boosters now.  She’ll remain in the hospital for a few more days so they can monitor her closely as all the medications are lowered.  He spent at least 2 hours with her watching over her carefully, answering all of our questions (I tend to be a bit of overprotective, “we need to know everything” Mom when we come here – the people in this hospital are quite patient with me!), and visiting with us.

We find it quite sweet that each day during the boosters, Kerri holds her hands together and holds onto her ring from Jeff.  Jeff, you are always on her mind and she loves you very, very much!

We have another little side note about the nice things people do for us here.  On the first night we were here at the hospital, Erin and I were in the cafeteria. The manager remembered us from last year.  I was looking for some pepper to bring up for Kerri for her mashed potatoes.  When I asked for pepper, the manager smiled and showed me where the shaker was but told me to wait “un momento”.  She came back in a minute with a specially prepared container of special “robusto” pepper to last Kerri for the week.  Kerri has enjoyed it and felt special.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and for writing to us – it definitely makes us all feel closer to home and very reassured.

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Reply Danielle (+ family)
4:04 PM on August 1, 2011 
Hey Jarvis family!
It's wonderful hearing (or reading) all the great news about how Kerri's doing! It truly is incredible, all the progress that she's made. and not to mention the seemingly incredible service that they are providing for you there... when's the last time that anyone here in the U.S. was as accomodating as the Mexicans? Anyway, you all take care!
P.S. Kerri, would you reccommend the dental surgeon that you used for pulling your wisdom teeth? I'm getting my own removed this coming month, and it's never too late to reschedule the surgery with a guy in Mexico!
Reply Rosemary & John
10:59 PM on July 31, 2011 
Dear Kerri, Kathy, Mark and Erin,

We are so pleased that your journey to Mexico is going smoothly and that each of you have had some time to spend with special friends. The people of Mexico are so warm and inviting! It sounds as though this trip has created new and everlasting wonderful memories for you.....both individually and as a family. Kerri, we are so happy that the RSD pain has not returned and that you're tolerating the boosters well. They will really help you a lot, even after you return, so get em while you can, eh? John went in the ocean today for the first time in 9 years. His last trip to the beach was August 2002! So, you see, miracles are happening all around us. We look forward to meeting your special man, Jeff and we know you will dance at your wedding. Stay strong and continue to keep your Faith and Hope alive in your hearts!


Rosemary & John
Reply Fern
11:11 AM on July 31, 2011 
I have been running a bit behind on this blog. I wonder if you will check out today or tomorrow? So glad to hear that all is going well there and yes, the staff there are superb! Kindness makes everything easier to bear
It is a long weekend here. BC day in our province. The weather is not super hot but nice. Looking forward to some summer weather here soon.
Enjoy your time there and may God speed the healing!
Reply Judy Hopkins
5:09 AM on July 31, 2011 
I'm so glad to hear the good news. I was so hoping and praying that this would work and to hear that the RSD hasn't flared anywhere else is such amazing news. I'm so happy that Erin had such a good time with Jessica and I hope that Kerri is able to enjoy some quality time with her as well, she certainly deserves it. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers, that G-d continues to heal Kerri and give her the strength she needs to always keep fighting, that He continue to hold up and give strength to all the ones who love her, but are forced to watch her suffer (I know from personal experience how difficult that is), and that He continue to give the doctors the knowledge to know how to best treat Kerri. I also pray that He keep you all safe while there and bring you home soon, to you family and friends. I look forward to the next update and may they continue to be happy and uplifting.
All our love and prayers,
The Hopkins Family
Reply Irene
12:32 PM on July 30, 2011 
Great news! God is good! We will continue to pray that all will continue to go well. Hang in there, Kerri.
Reply Jeanette
11:18 AM on July 30, 2011 
Fantastic update! We are happy to hear Erin is enjoying her time in Mexico when she is not at the hospital. Kerri, you are a strong woman and giving your RSD a well deserved punch. Glad the boosters are doing their job. Keeping the prayers going...
Reply Scott Jarvis
10:42 PM on July 29, 2011 
AWESOME!!! You always were an over-achiever, Kerri! Great news! We are excited for all of you and we are praising God for being so gentle with Kerri and for the blessing of handling the treatments so well! It is wonderful that you have been treated so kindly by so many people (but it is not surprising because of the way you show such love and respect to the people you come in contact with). Have a blessed evening!