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Need a Little Faith

Posted on August 4, 2011 at 1:37 AM

The last few days have felt a bit like a whirlwind, but so much good has come.  We spent our first night back at the hotel Sunday night, but when Kerri seemed very sick on Monday we called Dr. Cantu.  It turns out one of the medications she was taking to control the pain from surgery and RSD can make you feel like you have the flu.  He suggested stopping that one and within a few hours she really started to bounce back.  She started smiling again and was able to eat more than just a bite or two of soft foods.  Mark and Erin enjoyed one more terrific visit with Jessica and Sarah while Kerri rested up to be able to make the journey home on Tuesday.

Dr. Cantu visited Kerri at the hotel on Tuesday morning before we left for the airport.  He got quite the surprise when he saw her, amazed at how good she looked.  The trip was long but she was quite a trooper and made it through the day.  We arrived home at midnight and were greeted by a very happy pooch, eager to catch up on some fetch and cuddles.  Thanks to Kristin he had a great time while we were gone.  He opted to snuggle on Erin’s fuzzy rug to be close to all of us to go to sleep last night.

We had an interesting experience flying from Atlanta to Philly.  Because of Kerri needing her wheelchair we are usually some of the first ones to get onto a plane, but the last ones off.  As we were getting on a woman sat down 2 rows ahead of us with pizza.  Another woman coming down the aisle saw it and mentioned that she would like some, so the woman gave her the pizza.  We commented to ourselves what a nice thing that was for her to do.

After the flight, we learned from the flight attendant that the “random act of kindness” woman was Patti Labelle!  The flight attendant didn’t know she was on the flight.  It was one of the workers in the jet way that commented to the women as she got off the plane that she looked just like Patti Labelle, to which the woman replied “I am Patti”.  Erin has decided that from now on if she flies, she should probably take everyone’s picture in case someone is famous!  (By the way we have neglected to mention that on Saturday afternoon, Erin was treated to some iced coffee at the coffee shop in the hospital by Dr. Cantu and Dr. Luis.  They not only treated Kerri better than we could have ever hoped for, but made Erin feel quite special too!)

Kerri will be examined by our dentist, Dr. Wright, tomorrow to make sure everything is healing well.  In 2 weeks she will start another round of low dose intravenous infusions in Philadelphia with Dr. Schwartzman.  After surgery, these treatments are needed again more frequently to keep the total body RSD symptoms at bay.  We are very fortunate that everything has gone so well.

I looked up some of the lyrics for Patti Labelle’s songs today. This particular chorus reminded me how blessed we are to have all of you – our family, friends, doctors, and very special fellow RSD patients and families.  Please keep them all in your prayers.


Hold on to me and we’ll be stronger

Together, stronger forever

Gotta have a little faith

To help us see things through

(This I know is true)

Sunset from the flight home

Thank you!  Kathy, Mark, Kerri and Erin


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Reply Judy Hopkins
6:26 PM on August 5, 2011 
WELCOME HOME JARVIS FAMILY!!! I'm so glad that the trip home went so smoothly, minus the missed opportunity to harrass a famous person under the guise of "I'm sick and crippled". :-) I couldn't be more thrilled and excited right now, knowing that things went so well down there, that you were able to keep the RSD symptoms at bay. I can't wait to see you once you've settled back in and are up for company, and here all about the trip, especially Erin as she seems to have really ventured out. You all remain in our thoughts and prayers and may G-d continue to give the doctors the wisdom they need to treat you best and give you all the strength you need to get through each day.
All our love and prayers,
The Hopkins Clan
Reply Rosemary & John
7:47 AM on August 5, 2011 
Welcome Home Jarvis Family!

Thank you Kathy for keeping the Blog updated. You've had some adventures while in Mexico. That Dr. Cantu, what an amazing doctor he is! God has taken care of you by leading you to this amazing man and his team. Kerri, we sure hope each and every day finds you feeling better, stronger and healthier. Now that you have tackled this latest hurdle we wish you continued healing from the surgery and any remaining RSD symptoms. Hopefully, the boosters in Philly will be the last treatment you need for awhile. Enjoy being home again as you reflect on some of the happy memories you experienced while in Mexico.


Rosemary and John
Reply Scott Jarvis
2:55 PM on August 4, 2011 
Awesome to hear you are home and things are still going well. Looking so forward to seeing Mark & Erin next week! Just wish the whole family could come! It would be so great to spend time together and to let our church family meet you, as they have been praying so much over the past couple years! (We completely understand how difficult travel is and hope there will be a time down the road when you can all come.) We love you all very much and are continuing to pray for Kerri to be strong without any flare-ups of her RSD. Remember you are all very special to us! Have a blessed day!
Reply Jeanette
9:10 AM on August 4, 2011 
Welcome home - let us know if you need anything as you settle back in to your routines. See you all soon!
Reply Irene
8:07 AM on August 4, 2011 
Glad to hear everything went well and you have all arrived safely back home. We will continue to pray for Kerri's complete healing and look forward to reading the next update.