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Posted on March 26, 2010 at 11:20 PM

Hi wonderful family and friends!

Kerri was not able to get any relief from the booster treatment she received last night, but we have new hope tonight. Dr. Cantu saw that things were not getting any better for her and this evening called in a neurologist friend of his to consult. As we may have told you before many things here happen in Mexico time which is very laid back and non-rushed. However, when it comes to good medical care, things happen! Within an hour the neurologist was at Kerri's bedside and recommended a different type of medication, which she began tonight. He explained that what is happening to Kerri's brain since the coma ended will most likely subside in time on it's own, but that he knows it is extremely uncomfortable in the meantime. He feels this medication will give her the relief she needs and that in time she'll be able to stop taking it. He also reassured her that if this doesn't work, they have a plan B, plan C etc. Kerri's doctor's discussed this already tonight so that they can also stop some of her other meds. so there are no reactions taking place that wouldn't be good for her.

The doctor tonight also shared a beautiful story with us. The story goes..... I would like to be able to speak in 4 languages. I will learn to speak German to be able to talk to my soldiers. I will learn to speak English to talk to all of my business colleagues. I will learn to speak French to talk to my fiancee. And I will learn to speak Spanish to talk to God.

We are so touched by how beautiful this language is, for us it is the healing language spoken by those who are caring so kindly to our daughter. We are also struck by how important God and family are in this culture. When a loved one is in the intensive care unit downstairs, we have seen individual families of 20 people or more camped out for weeks in the waiting room together. We can't tell you enough how much you, our family and friends, mean to us. Your encouraging messages make us feel like you are all right here waiting with us!

Thanks to our wonderful friend, Gerardo, for taking Mark to run some important errands today. First, he took Mark to pick up the fantastic care package sent to us from the Shuster family. We were worried it wouldn't come before we leave, because other families have told us mail takes at least 5 weeks to travel between here and the US, and often doesn't make it at all. Thank you, Shuster family! We were very excited to unpack and enjoy the goodies. You got all of our favorites (did a little bird named Erin give you any ideas?) Then Gerardo took Mark to a vegetarian restaurant recommended by Dr. Cantu, to get Kerri a tofu and vegetable take-out dish. She enjoyed it very much and the nurses are keeping her leftovers in their fridge for tomorrow.

Our friends Rosemary and John and their family are flying here tomorrow from Pennsylvania for treatment. We met them in January at Dr. Schwartzman's office in Philadelphia and they have been so much help to us, as John is a former coma patient. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for their safe journey and promising medical care. We understand there are a few more coma patients coming soon, as well as other families for booster treatments. This is sure the hospital of hope for many! By the way Kerri is officially number 30 for the patients undergoing the ketamine coma procedure. Usually, one doesn't like to be thought of as a number, but in this situation the patient number is a proud badge of courage and hope to help future RSD patients, since this research study will help so many people down the road.

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Reply dani shust
7:47 PM on March 30, 2010 
C'est tres bien! oh, and by the way, a "little bird named Erin" did NOT give us any ideas about your favorites... however, a gi-normous rabid owl whose name may coincidentally be Erin might have... anyway, we hope for the best of luck and your return home ASAP!!!
Reply Bonnie R.
4:37 PM on March 29, 2010 
It seems that you've made some very good friends, and that all of you are being well taken care of, and are getting support from those near and afar. We're thinking of all of you and hope that Kerri will be getting some relief very soon from her pain and discomfort. We're glad that Kerri enjoyed her tofu vegetable dish, and know that soon she'll be having more enjoyable moments. We admire her courage -- all of your courage.

We hope that all of the coma patients do well in their treatment and now we're especially thinking of Kerri (coma patient #30). Take care, and we'll write again.

Love, Bonnie, Allan, and Jackie
Reply Megan
12:57 PM on March 29, 2010 
Hello my family,

I love you all very much!! I am so sorry to hear that the booster treatment is not providing Kerri with the relief as you hoped. I am keeping all of you in my thoughts every day. I hope that this new medication will help her.

I think that Kerri will be able to wall paper her room with all of the get well pics Hannah is coloring and drawing for her! :) Many of them have Sleeping Beauty. How funny it seems now thinking that has always been Kerri's fav Disney movie... and now has been our own Sleeping Beauty!

I know it is still going to require a lot of hard work, however, I do believe that Kerri will still have her wonderful Disney ending.
Reply Carrie Deussin
8:33 AM on March 29, 2010 
Sending you my best! I just learned of this blog... As you know you are in the best place for this treatment. Nothing happens overnight. Let Dr Cantu and his team work the magic that they can on you. Please take it easy and remember baby steps!!!! Can't wait for you to retrun home and begin your recovery. Please Send my best to John and Rosemary and to Dr, Cantu and his amazing team!
Carrie Deussing
Mexico Coma Pt #13
Reply Jennifer
1:16 AM on March 28, 2010 
Okay, I wanted it to be a surprise for when Kerri would get back into Facebook, but I am so overwhelmed with the response! I created a Fanpage for "Kerri Feeling Better" and within 12 hours, we have 43 fans!!! Marsha also posted all Kerri's websites/facebook sites in a recent email!!! We are cheering you on Kerri, you have alot of fans hoping you feel better!
Reply Gene and Pam Bentley
2:37 PM on March 27, 2010 
Pam and I find ourselves checking for updates several times a day and continue to regularly pray for you. Your story is inspiring and we admire your courage. It's great that you have such a supportive family and are getting terrific care. Best of Luck!

Gene and Pam Bentley
Reply Jennifer
2:20 PM on March 27, 2010 
The care Kerri has been getting sounds so phemominal, it is such a comfort to know that she is in such capable hands! I have lots of people asking me how you guys are and I never forget to mention the wonderful help you have been given. Im sorry Kerri didn't find much relief in the Ketamine treatment. I'm sure its very rough for her. Let Kerri know I am praying for her and so are the many people that ask me daily how she is doing!

P.s On Yahoo Search, if you start tying "karing4" Karing4Kerri is the first one to autofill!!!! I find it exciting, not going to lie! =)
Reply Fern
12:04 PM on March 27, 2010 
Here is hoping hte new meds help ease the struggle. Keep perservering! It is worth it! How ownderful that you can see so many positives happening and I pray for your conitnued postive progress. May today be a better day than yesterday!
Reply scott Jarvis
10:05 AM on March 27, 2010 
What a blessing to have the medical community providing such care for Kerri! This is so encouraging to us as we wonder each day how things are going. It is hard to not be able to see for ourselves what is going on and to have to try to read between the lines from the different things posted both by you and those who have undergone this treatment before! We love you all and hope you can feel that even from a distance and that what you experience will only prepare you for an eternity of living with our God! We are praying for physical healing and for spiritual fulfillment as a result of facing such storms and seeing God's beautiful Spirit work through so many of His beautiful creations! May you have a blessed day full of peace and hope. Our hearts are with you and we hope you can draw energy, peace and hope from that!

-Scott and Dee-
Reply Stevens Family
4:15 AM on March 27, 2010 
Dear Kerri,
Take it from someone who knows.......it takes time, but slowly as you take those "small steps" like Dr. Cantu tells us to take.......things have a way of working out. No one ever said it would be easy......sometimes we take a few steps forward and more than a few steps back! Just remember that God is with you - he is holding your hand - he is carrying you through - and he is guiding Dr. Cantu and the other doctors here as well. When you are up to it, come and visit me in Room 845 - we can share stories....but for now - just hang in there - you are strong - you have made it this far..........
Jessica - coma patient #23 - right down the hall.........xoxo
Reply Rosemary & John
1:38 AM on March 27, 2010 
Dear Jarvis Family,

It is great news that you have another of Dr. Cantu's amazing colleagues on Kerri's team! We know how difficult it is to be waiting for things to turn around, but they will, of that we are sure. Also, thank you for your prayers and support for John. We're looking forward to seeing all of you very soon.

Love, Rosemary & John