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Posted on July 24, 2011 at 6:50 PM

We are very happy to report Kerri is all settled in at Hospital San Jose Tec de Monterrey.  Many feelings came across us all upon revisiting the place where so much transpired last year – some not so pleasant memories but also a reassuring feeling of coming back to the people who know best how to make Kerri well.  The admission was a little different this time because the person helping us did not speak English, but all went well.  It sure is less stressful coming back up to the beautiful views on the 8th floor for elective surgery as compared to last year going straight to the ICU for a coma.  We were welcomed by a warm, friendly staff and were especially happy to reunite with Erika, one of the bilingual nurses who took take of Kerri last year.  Dr. Cantu came by shortly after we arrived and spent over an hour with us, taking the time to “catch up” and working carefully to start an IV access in the least uncomfortable part of Kerri’s arm.  (As fellow RSD patients can greatly appreciate, someone who is able to access a vein on the first try makes all the difference in the world.  After having so many times of needing IV treatments, starting a line is difficult.  She goes through a ritual of drinking many water bottles and using a heating pad to increase the chances of not having to be “stuck” too many times.  Thank you, Dr. Cantu!)


Dr. Cantu explained everything that is expected to happen this week. He started a continuous ketamine infusion today.  Tomorrow she will be taken to ambulatory surgery to have a central IV line inserted.  This will make the rest of the treatments she’ll need this week much easier.  Afterwards, she’ll have a high dose ketamine booster to help prepare her body for the surgery.  The wisdom teeth removal has been moved to Tuesday around noon and should last a few hours.  Then Kerri will have more boosters probably through Saturday.  The plan is that she may be able to go back to the hotel by Saturday night or Sunday.


Kerri is resting pretty comfortably now, except for a little bit of arm soreness from the IV. Everyone is so nice here – even the cafeteria manager said she remembers us from last year.  We got to speak to Sarah and Jessica on Skype and they even helped translate for us with the nurse – we are feeling quite pampered!


Thank you for helping us “keep in touch!”



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